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Analitica Latin America 2019

 Analitica Latin America  

Date: September 24-26, 2019 • 1pm to 9pm 

Address: São Paulo Expo • São Paulo/SP - Brazil

Booth No.: CP10
Analitica Latin America is one of the main hubs of the chemical and analytical industry.
Suppliers, distributors and manufacturers in the laboratory, biotechnology and quality
control y sector display all the innovations and trends of the sector in this biannual event.


• Brazil has the largest market in the analytical chemical industry in Latin America, and position 8th in the world. 
• The Chemical Industry holds the 3rs position to make up Brazil's industrial GDP
• You can contact buyers directly
• Strengthen relationships with old com

[Main distances]

  • 10 minutes from Congonhas Airport
  • 850 m from Jabaquara metro station and bus terminal
  • 40 minutes from Cumbica Airport
  • 5 minutes from Santos Imigrantes metro station