【Commissioned processing】

sfesf The factory address remain the same:No.3 Qusheng Rd, Nianli Town, Quzhou,Zhejiang , China.

sfesf We can undertake processing all kinds of sample bottle, chromatograpy vial and pakege bottles which
       use in biology and chemical lab that never appear on a directory or published on the website.

sfesf We have the experience of producting many kinds of labratory supplies, meanwhile, we have cooperation 
       relationship with numbers of manuacturers in china and abroad. In recent years, labratory supplies which 
       need in abroad become diversified and specialized, it is necessarry  to meet the customer requirement.

sfesf So,we will show our technology experienceand and meet customers requirement to change the products.

【Processing range】

sfesf Glassware: glass bottle, chromatograpy vial, points bottle,mobil phase bottle, special meterial bottle.

sfesf Chromatograpy  consumables:PTFE/silicone gasket, needle filters, rubber stopper, special metal cover, 
 special polypropylene cover.

【confidential agreement】

sfesf In any case, we will strict implementation of the privacy policy, and never disclose dates which get from you.

sfesf We will sign a confidentiality agreement if you need.

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