• The main feature of automatic sample bottle

    1、Use high quality borosilicate glass material 2、Unique thread design ensures consistent sealing 3、The bottleneck is processed precisely to facilitate the handling of the arm 4、Tape calibration and writing board are easy to mark 9-425/9 mm standard 2 ml sample bottles automatically (2 ml samp...
  • How can the clamp bottle be used for maximum effect

    The selection and method of your aluminium cap roll position can significantly affect the seal integrity of the sample. The aikien method creates a perfect seal to ensure the integrity of the sample. The right press should be: The bottle cap of the tongs is not too curly or down. Incorrect method...
  • 2017 BCEIA

    Booth No.:21135 Ụbọchị: Ọkt 10-13, 2017 okwu: Chian National Convention Center The Beijing Conference na Ngosi on Remix Analysis (BCEIA) haziri China Association for Remix Analysis, na n'oge afọ 30 nke izu okè na mmepe mgbe gbasoro na & ...
  • RENAMING mara ọkwa

    Dear Customers and Partners, Due to business development and equity restructuring, since July 07, 2016, “Zhejiang Aijiren Technology co.,ltd” has been renamed to “Zhejiang Aijiren Technology, Inc. “ 1.The factory address remain the same:No.3 Qusheng Rd, Nianli Town, Quzh...
  • 2016 ANALITIKA Expo

    Booth No.:B529 Date: April 12-14, 2016  Address: Russia,Moscow, ECC Sokolniki,Pavilions4,4.1   The exhibitors are leading Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of: Laboratory equipment and instruments Laboratory furniture Laboratory glassware, plastic and consumables Chemical reag...
  • ACHEMA 2015

    ACHEMA – World Forum and 31. Leading Show for the Process Industries 15 – 19 June 2015 – Frankfurt am Main, Germany Engineering Pumps, Compressors, Valves and Fittings Mechanical Processes Laboratory and Analytical Techniques Instrumentation, Control and Automation Techniques Pharmac...
  • 2016 PITTCON ogbako & Expo

    Booth No.:3847 Ụbọchị: March 6-10, 2016 okwu: Georgia World Congress Center Atlanta, GA USA Ọ ga-abụ oké obi ụtọ izute gị na ihe ngosi. Pittcon bụ ụwa na-eduga ogbako na ịkọwa maka laabu sayensị. Nke a na-akpa ike n'ụwa nile ihe omume na-enye ohere pụrụ iche ge ...
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